Conspiracies, Politics, and Religion: Questioning Everything and Staying Uncomfortable

June 29, 2020

173: AntiNews: Jorgensen Ads, Raz? Uh Muh Chaz!, #CancelCulture Fads, and Ponies are Naz*! (06.29.20)

Welcome back to the least trusted name in news!

This is the place where we watch the world burn together and make fun of it.




On the Docket:


*A little word on my working doing business with the Jo Jorgensen campaign
*Chaz shootings and all that craziness
*Raz of the Chaz
*Jimmy Kimmel canceled 
*Jimmy Fallon canceled
*Justin Bieber canceled
*Chris D'Ellia canceled
*Big Mouth canceled
*Family Guy Canceled
*and more


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Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.

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