Conspiracies, Politics, and Religion: Questioning Everything and Staying Uncomfortable

August 10, 2020

180: The Mandela Effect: Simulation Reloaded w. Remso Martinez

Way back in the baby years of this show, the Mandela Effect was our very first topical episode and is still a favorite conspiracy topic for Cala and me. So, when long time friend of the show, Remso Martinez hit me up and said “hey, let’s talk about the Mandela Effect”, I was all about it.

Remso’s life endeavors are too numerous to count, let alone list all of them here, but many of you know him from such pieces of work as Stay Away from the Libertarians, Remso Republic, On the Run, The Witching Hour, Would You Rather Wednesdays and yada yada and so on.


Today’s conversation is our unprofessional, hypothetical, casual conspiracy chat re-opening the case of the Mandela Effect for The System is Down. All that and much more (1.5 hours more in The Downers Club… on today’s episode #180: The Mandela Effect: Simulation Reloaded w. Remso Martinez.


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