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Conspiracies, Politics, and Religion: Questioning Everything and Staying Uncomfortable

June 19, 2017

08. Gret Glyer Saves the World w. DonorSee

Today’s episode is probably my favorite and definitely my most important so far with this show. I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Gret Glyer, the founder and creator of the revolutionary app and company, DonorSee. This episode is titled “Gret Glyer Saves the World” because that is genuinely his mission.

Gret is giving people a platform to very easily save and impact thousands of lives of less fortunate individuals around the world. At only age 27, he is proving to be an amazing innovator in the business of charitable giving. To hear this and more of the full and inspiring story from the man himself, please enjoy TSID Episode 08: Gret Glyer Saves the World w. DonorSee. 

Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.

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